Mechanical Engineering Graduate Faculty and Areas of Specialization

Glen H. Besterfield

  • (Associate Professor) Ph.D.; Northwestern 1989;
  • Specialization: Mechanical design, mechanics of fracture and fatigue, finite element methods, probability/reliability, composite materials.
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Roger A. Crane

  • (Professor) Ph.D.; Auburn University 1973;
  • Specialization: Thermal conduction contact resistance, space power systems, thermal energy storage
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Rajiv Dubey

  • (Professor/Chairman) Ph.D.; Clemson University, 1986;
  • Specialization: Robotics and intelligent machines, teleoperation, mechatronics, dynamic systems and controls
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Thomas Eason

  • (Assistant Professor) Ph.D.; Texas A&M University 1997;
  • Specialization: Experimental and computational mechanics, damage progression in polymers and polymer composites, experimental design;
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Daniel P. Hess

  • (Professor) Ph.D.; State University of New York at Buffalo, 1991;
  • Specialization: System dynamics, tribology, mechanical vibrations, control systems, machinery diagnostics
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Autar K. Kaw

  • (Professor) Ph.D.; Clemson University, 1987;
  • Specialization: Composite materials, elasticity, applied mathematics, numerical methods, computer aided engineering,
  • Contact: kaw@eng.usf.ed

Ashok Kumar

  • (Associate Professor) Ph. D.; North Carolina State University, Raleigh 1992;
  • Specialization: Processing and characterization of microelectronics materials, structure-property relationship (mechanical, electrical, magnetic) in thin films, analytical characterization techniques of surfaces and thin films
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Francis Moussy

  • Assistant Professor Ph.D; Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France 1988;
  • Specialization: Biomedical Engineering, Biosensors, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering
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Yvonne Moussy

  • Assistant Professor  Ph.D. ; Johns Hopkins University, 1999;
  • Specialization: Biofluids, Biological transport, Low Re fluid flow, Applied mathematics
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Jose L.F. Porteiro

  • (Professor) Ph.D.; Rutgers University 1980;
  • Specialization: Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, separated flows, experimental techniques,
  • Contact:

Muhammad M. Rahman

  • (Associate Professor) Ph. D.; University of California, Berkeley, 1988;
  • Specialization: Convective heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, modeling of thermo-fluid systems, MEMS, electronic packaging, heat exchangers, turbomachinery,
  • Contact:

Stuart Wilkinson

  • (Associate Professor) Ph. D.; University of Southampton, 1984;
  • Specialization: Robotics, mechanical design of arms and manipulator, sensor development, microprocessor control systems, fluids, theoretical/experimental investigations of partially separated air flows around lifting bodies, design of specialist experimental apparatus such a traverses and measurement instrumentation
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