Sponsored Research Grants

No. Title Role Agency Time Period Amount
1 Nanowires based Technologies for Biotoxin Detection PI: Kumar Constell-ation Tech. Corp. with FHTC 2010-2011 $202,916
2 MRI: Acquisition of an Ultrahigh Analytical Thermal Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Education PI: Kumar, Co-PIs: Gupta, Schlaf, Batzill, Li NSF MRI 2009-2010 $684,000 (including USF match)
4 GOALI/Collaborative Research: Interface Engineered Diamond Coatings for Dry Machining PI: Kumar,  Co-PIs:  Durham, Xiao NSF CMMI 2009-2012 $165,115
5 GOALI/Collaborative Research- Flexible Ferroelectric-Based Antenna Arrays for Conformal Radiometric Imaging PI: Thomas Weller, Co-PIs: Kumar, and Hoff NSF ECCS 2009-2012 $404,551
6 GOALI: Engineering an In Vitro Assembled Corneal Stroma PI: Mathews Garrett, Co-PIs: Kumar and Koob NSF CBET 2009-2012 $329,846
7 Engineering and Computer Science Scholars Targeted for Academic, Retention and Success (STARS) at the University of South Florida PI: Kumar
Co-PIs: Batson, Thomas, Gupta, Trotz
2008-2011 $598,000
8 Functionalized Nanomaterials for Biosensor Applications PIs: Kumar and Mathews FCoE-BITT 2008-2010 $75,000
9 Reliability Studies and Modeling for Process Optimization and Yield Improvements in Chemical Mechanical Planarization PI: Kumar NSF CMMI 2007-2010 $332,000
10 Center for Nanobiotechnology Research PI: Shree R. Singh Alabama State Univ.
Co-PI: Kumar
NSF CREST 2007-2012 $4,941,545
(Kumar’s portion is $206,000)
11 In-Situ Nanomanufacturing Process Control Through Multiscale Nanostructured Growth Modeling PI: Quang
Co-PI: Kumar
NSF CMII 2007-2010 $350,000
12 Nanocrystalline Diamond for MEMS and Biomedical Applications PI: Kumar
Co-PIs: Weller and Bhansali
NSF NIRT 2004-2008 $1,426,578
13 Non-linear Device Applications of Nano-patterned Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Films PI: Weller
Co-PI: Kumar
NSF ECCS 2006-2009 $ 299,981
14 Students, Teachers, and Resources in the Sciences (STARS2): A USF/NSF GK-12 Continuation Project PI: Das
Co-PIs: Okoogba, Kumar et als.
NSF GK-12 2006-2010 $1,684,688
15 Development of Triplex Layered Thermal Barrier Coatings for Resistance Against Fuel-Contaminants and CMAS Degradation PI: Kumar NASA  through UCF 2007-09 $90,000
17 Acquisition of Deep Reactive Ion Etching Tool for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of South Florida PI: S. Bhansali
Co-PIs: Kumar, Hoff et. Als.
NSF MRI 2006-2007 $592,500
18 Failure Mechanisms, Life Prediction and Enhanced Performance of Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings PI: Kumar NASA
2006-2008 $50,000
19 Analysis of Correlated Functional Variables for Manufacturing Process Diagnosis  PI: Huang
Co-PI: Kumar
NSF DMII 2006-2009 $265,000
20 Micro and Nano-Crystalline Diamond Thin Film Coatings on Cutting Tools Materials for Dry Machining Applications PI: Kumar General Motors 2005-2008 $126,000
21 A Faculty Early Career Program in Development of Superhard Coatings for Improved Performances PI: Kumar NSF CAREER 2000-2006 $529,666 including USF match
22 Novel Synthesis and Fabrication of Hybrid Coatings for Manufacturing Applications PI: Kumar NSF DMII 2000-2003 $235,362
23 Acquisition of a Focused Ion Beam for USF Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Research Center PI: Schlaf
Co-PIs: Kumar, Bhansali et. els.
NSF MRI 2000-2005 $786,013 including USF match
25 Non-Contact/Zero-Stress Surface Polishing Process For Copper/Low Dielectric Constant Semiconductors PI: Kumar NSF SBIR/STTR Phase II 2004-2006 $125,004
26 Advanced Materials Characterization using State-of-the-art Universal Microtribometer PI: Kumar Center for Tribology, CA 2004-2005 $14,000
27 Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope for Research and Education PI: Kumar,
Co-PI: Schlaf, Harmon  et. als.
NSF MRI 2002-2005 738,646 including USF match
28 Investigation of Metrology Issues in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Processes for Microelectronics Manufacturing PI: Kumar NSF GOALI 2002-2006 $265,000
29 University of South Florida: Students, Teachers, and Resources in the Sciences PI: Okoogba
Co-PIs: Das, Kumar et. als.
NSF GK-12 2002-2006 $1,654,609
30 Modeling and Control of Wafer Scale Improvement in Chemical Mechanical Planarization PI:  Chandra at Iowa State Univ.
Co-PI: Kumar
NSF DMII 2003-2006 $476,881
31 Development and Testing of Practical Algorithms for Online Interpretation of Senor Data through Wavelet Decomposition PI: Das
Co-PI: Kumar
NSF DMII 2003-2005 $200,000
32 Diamond Coatings on WC-Co Cemented and High-speed Steel (HSS) for Dry Machining Applications PI: Kumar General Motors 2003-2005 $63,250
33 Evaluation of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Low-k Dielectric Materials PI: Kumar Internatio-nal Sematech Inc. 2001-2002 $171,984
34 Tribological and Mechanical Characterization of CMP Processes for Advanced Metal and Dielectric Applications PI: Kumar Agere System Inc., Orlando 2002-2005 $163,848
35 Synthesis and Characterization of Engineered Nanostructured Materials with Laser Assisted Methods PI: Kumar Florida Space Research Program 2000-2001 $30,000
3 Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Hard Coatings for Multifunctional Applications PI: Kumar Florida High-Tech Corridor  (FHTC) with BryCoat 2000-2001 $44,726
37 A Smart Composite for Microelectronics Thermal Management Applications PI: Kumar FHTC with Honeywell 2001-2002 $100,000
38 Evaluation of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of PVD Hard Coatings for Multifunctional Applications PI: Kumar FHTC with BryCoat, Inc 2001-2002 $72,000
39 Nanoscale Chemical, Tribological and Mechanical Properties of Surface Engineered/Modified Polymers – A Joint USF and UCF Project PI: Kumar FHTC with pSilo Quest 2002-2003 $110,537
40 Nanoscale Mechanical and Tribological  Characterization of Hard Coatings PI: Kumar FHTC BryCoat, Inc. 2002-2003 $50,000
41 Integrated Nanostructured Thin Film based Materials for Gas Sensor Application PI: Kumar FHTC with Fractal System 2003-2004 $80,000
  Laser Ablated Hydroxyapatite Coatings PI; Kumar USF (Internal Award) 2001-2002 $12,000
42 Laser Processed Surface Modification, Thin Films, and Coating PI: Kumar NASA EPSCoR 1994-1999 $1,256,512
43 Laser Processed Superhard Coating for Tribological Applications PI: Kumar Tennessee Valley Authority 1994-1995 $27,696
44 Laser Patterning of Organic Semiconducting Materials PI: Kumar DOE EPSCoR Graduate Trainee Fellowsh-ip 1994-1995 $18,142
45 Acquisition of Scanning Electron Microscope and X-ray Diffractometer for Education and Research PI: Kumar NSF ARI 1995-1998 $159,430
46 Smart Materials for Transport Control PI: Kumar NSF EPSCoR 1995-1998 $540,000
47 Wave-guide Structures on Organic Thin Films by Laser Patterning Method PI: Kumar DOE EPSCoR Young Investiga-tor Award 1995-1997 $19,380
48 Growth and Characterization of Carbides/Nitrides Thin Films Prepared by Laser Processed Methods PI: Kumar National Research Council Twinning Fellowship 1997-1999 $13,000
49 Research Equipment Grant for the Acquisition of FTIR Spectrometer for Multifunctional Applications PI: Kumar NASA EPSCoR 1997-1998 $40,000
50 Synthesis and Characterization of Pulsed Laser Ablated Biocompatible Thin Films PI: Kumar NSF EPSCoR Young Investigator Award 1997-1998 $44,452
51 Engineered Nanostructured Materials with Laser Assisted Methods PI: Kumar NASA Space Grant 1998-1999 $20,000